University Jobs – Top 10 University Job Opportunities

With lots of funding coming in for higher education, university jobs are also much sought after. From all types of academic jobs to university online jobs, prospective candidates can easily find an occupation that would not only be mentally satisfying, but financially rewarding as well.If you check the online resources and narrow down your search to top university jobs, several options will pop up. To take up higher education jobs where you have to teach a particular subject, you have to possess the necessary qualifications. The office of the human resources at universities coast to coast is an excellent start off point for your higher eds jobs.Part time jobsThe best thing about university jobs is that you can look for part time as well as full time openings. For academic jobs, the entry level can begin with a teaching assistantship where the money can help fund your graduate studies.Work from home jobsThere are several options for university online jobs as well where you can take up assignments and work from home. These opportunities have come as an excellent alternative for those willing to make money working from home by choosing their own working hours. It provides loads of flexibility to the job seeker as well as open up a floodgate of opportunities for university jobs. University jobs are win-win if you have the right qualifications and the aptitude for a career in higher education.Senior database analystsIf you want to work positions that are not purely academic in nature, you can look up job offers advertising for hiring senior database analysts. The salary is good and you will be responsible for design, configuration, security, implementation and maintenance of database servers.Program associatesAs an associate in different academic programs, you will be assigned the job on the basis of your past qualifications.Marketing coordinatorYou will be responsible for market coordination, brand management and maintenance of the website. You will have to write press releases and articles regularly while interacting with the editor.Material specialistYou will order, receive, account and control inventories as well. This position requires a high school degree.Network engineerYou will be responsible for installation, management, configuration and troubleshooting of the LAN and WLAN infrastructure including routers of the university.Assistant professorIf you have prior experience of teaching and research work at a university, you can apply for this job. You will be teaching, advising and mentoring students. This is among the most sought after of all academic jobs.Career management advisorYou will be providing career management advising to assigned students for executing programs and designs. You will work with students to offer them upfront and real time career advising.Athletic development assistantYou will be responsible for generating revenues through fund raising programs and manage special events and donor databases.

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