Photography Tips To Taking Better Photos

This article will give you some photography tips to taking better pictures. Taking good photos is not hard at all. It’s actually pretty easy when you think about it. The hard part to photography is coming up with messages, stories, and, in my opinion, lighting. However, this article will focus solely on the taking better shots aspects.When you take a picture you are framing everything within the border of your picture in a particular way. How you frame your photo is going to determine how it looks when you review it. Now, sometimes all you have to do is move the camera a few inches to the left or right to get a better shots. Other times, you may have to get 5 feet closer or even 100 feet farther away.Moving Your Camera A Little…When you are taking a picture of a subject, first ask yourself this question: Is the subject dead center? If your subject is then just move your camera a little so the subject isn’t in the middle. Place the subject on one of the sides of the photo. Most likely your photo will look much better.Splitting It Like An OrangeHave you ever noticed how when you cut an orange in half both sides look identical? Well, this is symmetry and you can use this in your photos too. Now, both sides don’t have to be equal like the orange. For example, you could have two people shaking hands. They won’t be identical people but their shape and form is the same….most likely. You could use the differences also in an interesting way. For example, have a very skinny person shaking hands with a very large person.Practicing Like an AthleteWhen athletes want to get stronger, what do they do? They practice! So you’re going to want to do the same thing with photography. Exercise those photography muscles. But be sure to rest a little or else you’ll get burned out and can quit.

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